"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."  – Albert Einstein

Absolute WIN, Inc. emerged as a General Contractor serving commercial and residential remodeling projects.  Our work has progressively changed to serving the needs of the Residential community in Pittsburgh, rather than Commercial projects.  We believe that we can make a bigger difference serving the needs of homeowners who want to increase the value of their homes. 

Our mission is to re-imagine contracting in ways that build a more mindful and lasting world. 

Residential Specializations:

  • Handyman services (schedule an our hourly rate to fix all the 'little' things)
  • Window Installation & repair
  • Door Installation & repair
  • Masonry (pointing, concrete steps, patios, walls, etc.)
  • Hardscaping (retaining walls of all materials from railroad ties to versalock)
  • Pressure-washing
  • Debris removal services
  • Framing new structures
  • Upcycling and reusing items such as pallets, expanding an opening to fit a 'free' window, and other ways of turning 'junk' into functional and attractive structures.

We can support the "DYI"er. 

There are more and more opportunities for homeowners to be an integral part of building their own homes. 

Owners have more active involvement with decisions on construction materials (green), providing their own designs, or getting dirty by sanding their own floors!  We know times are changing and we embrace it...

We will gladly work only in areas of the home where we can do it faster, safer, or more skillfully.